Incubating true Web3 DeFi infrastructure on the Internet Computer.

Defi development framework and Defi ecosystem on IC blockchain.

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About ICLighthouse

ICLighthouse DAO is a community-driven on-chain governance contract initiated on the Internet Computer SNS system by ICLighthouse. The project mainly consists of ICDex (An order book DEX) and icRouter (A cross-chain network of assets based on TSS).

Based in Singapore, the ICLighthouse Team is the key contributors to the project's code repository. Known as a committed builder in the IC ecosystem, the ICLighthouse Team has been awarded multiple grants from the Dfinity Foundation's Developer Grant Program for projects like ICTC, ICDex, icRouter, among others. In January 2023, they achieved second place in the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme (SBIP) Hackathon.


A fully on-chain order book DEX on IC.


A cross-chain network of assets based on TSS.


A distributed transaction framework for Defi development in Motoko.

ICDex (Orderbook Dex)

ICDex is a fully on-chain orderbook DEX on IC, which is the first 100% on-chain orderbook type exchange implemented on the L1 public blockchain. It is comparable to CEX in that it not only implements basic order types such as LMT, MKT, FOK, FAK, etc., but also strategic order types such as stop-limit, grid order, iceberg order, TWAP and VWAP. What's more exciting is that ICDex has also achieved Orderbook Automated Market Making (OAMM), which allows everyone to add liquidity as easily as AMM.

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icRouter (Cross-chain network))

icRouter is a cross-chain network of assets, leveraging threshold signature technology, and operates without off-chain bridges. This supports a range of networks including Bitcoin, IC, and EVM networks (such as Ethereum). Note: icRouter is still in the stages of refinement and testing.

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ICHouse (Explorer)

ICHouse Explorer is an IC blockchain explorer with features including ICP transaction records, canister information, token transaction records, Defi transaction records, and motoko tools.

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CyclesFinance (Cycles/ICP)

Cycles.Finance is an ICP/Cycles decentralized marketplace that supports two-way exchange of ICP, Cycles.

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