Incubating true Web3 DeFi infrastructure on the Internet Computer.

Defi development framework and Defi ecosystem on IC blockchain.

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About ICLighthouse

ICLighthouse team was founded in September 2020, with members from investment banks and Ether ecosystem developers. The core members have developed derivatives trading protocols on Ether and have rich experience in financial product model design and blockchain code implementation.


ICP, cycles and tokens wallet.


A standard interface for Dfinity tokens.


A distributed transaction framework for Defi application development on IC networks.

ICDex (Orderbook Dex)

ICDex is an IC network decentralized order book trading protocol that supports DRC20, DIP20, ICRC1 and native ICP.

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ICSwap (Swap & Router)

ICSwap is a swap protocol and a swap router that supports DRC20, DIP20, ICRC1 and native ICP.

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ICHouse (Explorer)

ICHouse Explorer is an IC blockchain explorer with features including ICP transaction records, canister information, token transaction records, Defi transaction records, and motoko tools.

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CyclesFinance (Cycles/ICP)

Cycles.Finance is an ICP/Cycles decentralized marketplace that supports two-way exchange of ICP, Cycles.

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